Data Quality 2.0: The Future of Real-World Evidence


Moderator: Javier Jimenez, MD, MPH, Flatiron Health, New York City, NY, USA
Speakers: Emily Castellanos, MD, MPH, Flatiron Health Inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA; Huamao Mark Lin, PhD, MBA, Takeda, Arlington, MA, USA; Matthew Dixon, PharmD, PhD, Bristol Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ, USA

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As real-world data becomes increasingly complex and diverse, the need for a data-quality framework that can effectively handle these challenges becomes paramount. With the right tools, researchers can better differentiate between datasets under consideration or even assess their fitness for any given use case. In this symposia presentation, researchers and industry experts will delve into the role of data quality in the utilization of real-world evidence in scientific and clinical contexts. Join us as we explore how a fresh perspective on data quality can enhance the impact and applicability of real-world evidence, such as value assessments.

Sponsor: Flatiron Health




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