Speaker Bio

Kylie O'Keefe
Kylie O'Keefe
Senior Vice President, Head, Global Commercial and Corporate Strategy
PTC Therapeutics, Inc., Parsippany, New Jersey, USA

As a senior pharmaceutical professional Kylie has over 15 years of broad pharmaceutical industry experience and proven success in drug development, commercialization, and business strategy. With extensive leadership of Global, Regional and Local cross functional teams, assets and brands across the full drug development pathway.

After graduating Kylie began her career in Australia in the laboratory before joining Peplin, a biotechnology company, where she held key roles in Clinical Development. After Peplin, Kylie moved to LEO Pharma Australia where she held a number of commercial roles. From there she moved to Denmark for a Global Marketing position and ultimately the Head of Global Business and Launch Planning to lead the launch of a global portfolio in over 30 countries containing both in-line and pipeline portfolios and leading teams both in the US and in global headquarters. After several successful global launches, Kylie moved to the US, where she led a team responsible for the pipeline strategy, commercial development, business planning and commercial operations and was part of the US Executive Committee. Kylie then moved to PTC Therapeutics where she is currently the Senior Vice President, Global Commercial and Corporate Strategy and leads the following departments: Global Marketing, Global Commercial Development, Global Market Access, HEOR and Pricing, Global Commercial Learning, Global Business Insights and Analytics, Global Commercial Excellence and Investor Relations.