HEOR: Evolving for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Thank you for attending live Virtual ISPOR 2021.  Access to the virtual platform is available until June 30 which includes on demand viewing of all Virtual ISPOR 2021 content & Exhibitor Gallery. 

2020 has forced many professions, research fields, and industries to an inflection point, requiring verification of direction and opportunities to chart a new roadmap for development. Healthcare systems’ resilience and sustainability is being tested to its maximum, challenging prepandemic priorities under unprecedented resource constraints. This has highlighted opportunities and challenges in HEOR methods, practices, and application including our ability to respond effectively.

  • How can we further strengthen HEOR’s relevance, particularly moving beyond product assessment, to address systemic healthcare challenges in the near term? How should HEOR use its chance for renewal? 
  • What innovations in collaboration approaches are advancing HEOR beyond its traditional sphere of influence? 
  • Which upgrades in HEOR methodology, application, and practice are needed to future-proof its impact on healthcare decision-making? 
These and other challenging questions will be addressed at Virtual ISPOR 2021. With new, on demand-only content released leading up to the conference, and a 4-day live conference schedule tailored to a global audience, Virtual ISPOR 2021 will be your best opportunity to interact with your peers in the HEOR community.

The in-person conference that had been scheduled to be held in Montreal, Canada was necessarily canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated government regulations, restrictions, and advisories.