Margaret Anderson, MA
Managing Director, Government & Public Services
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Margaret is a Managing Director with Deloitte where she is focused on bringing her patient engagement and strategy experience to federal health agencies, nonprofits and commercial life sciences companies. She joined Deloitte from FasterCures, a national nonprofit and center of the Milken Institute, with a focus to save lives by speeding up and improving the medical research system. At FasterCures, she oversaw programs advancing the science of patient input, examining the metrics for collaborative research models, and policy related to federal research and regulatory science. She worked on public health issues at the American Public Health Association and in a consulting capacity for HIV/AIDS programs and began her career at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment looking at the impact of biotechnology and genetics on the economy and society.

Margaret is a past-president of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA, was a founding member of the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences Advisory Council and the Cures Acceleration Network Review Board. She served on the National Health Council board, United for Medical Research, the Food and Drug Administration's Science Board, Science Looking Forward Committee, and the National Academy of Medicine’s Forum on Drug Discovery, Development and Translation. She currently serves on the Boards of Act for NIH, Allen Institute, FasterCures, Friends of Cancer Research, and Melanoma Research Alliance.