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Explore the news and reporting from Virtual ISPOR 2020. From ISPOR news releases to reporting from media partners and other news outlets, the Virtual ISPOR 2020 News Desk curates stories on cutting-edge topics from the conference. 

A very special thank you to our Virtual ISPOR 2020 media partnersThe Evidence Base and PM360—in addition to all the media outlets who reported on the conference.

Spotlight on COVID-19

Virtual ISPOR 2020 Plenary: HEOR in the Era of COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic was a topic touched on in many of the conference's sessions, including each of the plenary sessions. Additionally, a special, preconference plenary session was held on May 14 featuring keynote speaker Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, Director of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy in Washington, DC, USA. This special session was made available free to all. 

Health Economics and Outcomes Research in the Era of COVID-19 [An ISPOR News Report]

COVID-19—Calling All HEOR Stakeholders [The Evidence Base]


COVID-19 Recording


Spotlight on Health Policy

004_P1_HealthPolicy_VirtualISPOR2020_150x200The first plenary session of the conference centered on the future of health policy with perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic.

Designing Health Policy for the Future [An ISPOR News Report]

Both Necessity and Science Give Rise to Invention [The Evidence Base]

How Will the Pandemic Shape Health Care Policy of the Future? [AJMC]


Spotlight on Big Data and Real-World Evidence

Virtual ISPOR 2020 - Plenary 2

Big data, artificial intelligence, and real-world data were the focus of a number of Virtual ISPOR 2020 sessions, including the second plenary, "HEOR and Clinical Decision Making—Advancing Meaningful Progress."

How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Can Help Improve Healthcare Decision Making [An ISPOR News Report]

Moving From Population Health to 'Precision Population Health' [The Evidence Base]


Spotlight on HEOR Methodology

Virtual ISPOR 2020 - Plenary 3A number of Virtual ISPOR 2020 sessions centered on methodology-related topics. In fact, the third and final plenary session, “On the Road to Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness Analysis—New Directions, New Milestones."

Innovative Approaches to Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Healthcare [An ISPOR News Report]

Leaving the QALY Behind... But Not Completely [The Evidence Base]



And More...

Virtual ISPOR 2020And other reporting on Virtual ISPOR 2020 sessions also included the following:

How May we Enable Faster Access to Multi-Indication Orphan Products? Rare disease and orphan drug abstract highlights. [The Evidence Base]

Do Managed Entry Agreements for ATMPs Exist in Germany? Curative and Genetic Therapies Abstract Highlights. [The Evidence Base]

Do We Have Sufficient Health Economics Data for Digital Therapeutics? Economic Evaluation Abstract Highlights. [The Evidence Base]

[Video] Virtual ISPOR Panel to Examine Next Steps in Value Assessment  [AJMC]

Models Show Switch to Bevacizumab, Rituximab Biosimilars Yields Millions in Savings  [AJMC]

Examining the Links Among Diabetes Education, Activity, and Food Insecurity  [AJMC]

Care Not in Line With Guidelines for HER2-Negative MBC Has Worse Outcomes in Elderly Women  [AJMC]

MS Spending Spiked Over the Past Decade as Costly DMTs Emerged, Reports at ISPOR Show  [AJMC]

What Innovations Can Improve Detection of Predictors, Severity in Parkinson Disease?  [AJMC]

Discontinuation Rates Matter When Evaluating Biologics in RA, Analysis Finds   [AJMC]

Early Detection Programs May Help Offset Costs of COPD Exacerbations, Studies Find  [AJMC]

Studies Outline Asthma's Economic Tol [AJMC]

Opioid Use, Economic Burdens of Migraine Detailed in Pair of Studies at ISPOR  [AJMC]

What Happens to Patients in the First Year After ILD Diagnosis?  [AJMC]

Linking Opportunity Costs and Value Assessments for State and Commercial Payers  [AJMC]

Impact of OFF Periods in Caregivers of Patients With Parkinson Disease, Preferred On-Demand Treatments  [AJMC]

US Considering International Reference Pricing for Pharmaceutical Drugs  [American Pharmacy News]

International Reference Pricing Gets Thumbs-Down From ISPOR Panel  [The Center for Biosimilars]

Canada Grapples With Drug Price Escalation  [The Center for Biosimilars]

Study Shows Variations in RWE Citation Frequency  [The Center for Biosimilars]

ISPOR Panelists Weigh the Success of Alternative Payment Models  [The Center for Biosimilars]

Panelists Advocate for Global Collaboration in Real-World Evidence Effort   [The Center for Biosimilars]

Examining the Prevalence of Obesity and Depression Among Patients With Psoriasis on Biologics  [AJMC]

How Comorbidities Affect Costs and Costs Impact Nonadherence in RA  [AJMC]

Minimal Residual Disease Status Appears to Correlate With Patient-Centered Outcomes in Those With Hematological Malignancies  [AJMC]

Psoriatic Arthritis Leads to Higher Costs, Absenteeism, Studies Say  [AJMC]

Ruxolitinib May Be More Cost-Effective Than BAT for Patients With Hydroxyurea Resistant/Intolerant PV  [AJMC]

Identifying and Addressing Multi-Stakeholder Gaps in Value Assessment  [Journal of Clinical Pathways]

Virtual ISPOR 2020 Conference Coverage in Portuguese [Oncologia Brasil]




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