Nancy J. Devlin, PhD
Director of Research
Office of Health Economics

Nancy J. Devlin, BA Hons, PhD is the Director of Research at the Office of Health Economics in London, and has honorary professorships at the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield and at City University of London. She has over 30 years of experience in health economics and health outcomes research and as an advisor to health care organizations, both in the public and private sectors, in the UK and internationally.

Professor Devlin's principal areas of research expertise are the measurement and valuation of patient reported health outcomes; the cost effectiveness thresholds used in making judgments about value for money in health care; use of MCDA in health care decision making; and priority setting in health care.

Professor Devlin has considerable experience in senior leadership and governance roles in academic and health care organizations. She is past-President of the EuroQol Group, the not-for-profit international network of researchers that developed the EQ-SD; and served as a Director on the ISPOR Board 2015-17. She is non-executive Director of the UK's Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN). And chairs the Scientific Advisory Committee of APERSU in Canada (Alberta PROMs & EQ-50 Research & Support Unit). Prior to joining OHE in 2009, Nancy was Professor of Economics at City University, where she was Head of the Economics Department and Dean of Social Sciences. She has also held academic positions at the University of Otago (New Zealand) and at the King's Fund, a health policy think tank in London.

Highly regarded as a presenter and educator in health economics, Nancy was awarded the UK Higher Education Academy prize for outstanding economics lecturer (2004) and was the founder of Health Economics Education (HEe) website.

Nancy has published over 100 original peer reviewed journal articles on a wide range of empirical and theoretical topics in health economics. She is co-author of numerous books, including Economic Analysis in Health Care, UK's leading textbook on health economics, now in its second edition, and Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care, (both published by Wiley). Nancy has a PhD in Economics from the University of Otago, New Zealand.