The ISPOR Research Presentation Podium and Poster Awards were established in 1998 to recognize the scientific merit of podium and poster presentations of the ISPOR Annual International Meetings, Annual European Congresses, Asia-Pacific and Latin America Conferences.

This year, the ISPOR judges evaluated podium presentations and nominated poster presentations. All podium presentations are considered for an award. Poster presentations in the top 10%, based on abstract review score, are considered and eligible for a poster presentation award. 
Evaluations of scientific merit were based upon the following criteria:

  • Background provides appropriate perspective / context for the subject
  • Objectives / research questions are clearly stated
  • Research design / methods / modeling is appropriate and transparent (scores on this will determine winners in case of ties)
  • Data sources and/or sampling procedures are clear and appropriate
  • Data analyses are appropriate
  • Research objectives are met/addressed
  • Implications of findings are discussed
  • Factual information is kept separate from interpretations or implications
  • Abstract is presented in an unbiased manner
  • Clarity of presentation



Best General Poster Research Presentations

Clare Jones

Php31: Impact Of European Medicines Agency (Ema) Clinical Trial Transparency Policies On Health Technology Assessment (Hta) Decisions In Germany

Mohit Kumar Bhutani

Pms1:Comparative Effectiveness Of Baricitinib Versus Sarilumab In Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Systematic Review And Network Meta-Analysis

Lieven Annemans

Pcv96: Healthcare Resource Utlisation In Patients On Lipid-Lowering Therapies Outside Of Western Europe: Findings Of The International Cholesterol Management Practice Study (Iclps)

Asia Sikora Kessler

Pnd150: Impact Of Inotersen On Condition-Specific Quality Of Life (Qol) For Patients With Hattr Amyloidosis: Results From A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial

Best Student Poster Research Presentations

Frederick Thielen

Psy80: The Cost Of Healthcare For Children With Sickle Cell Disease: An Analysis Of Healthcare Utilization And Expenditures In The Netherlands

Xue Han

Pcv131:Impact Of Timely Initiation Of Antihypertensive Medications For Patients With Hypertension Or Elevated Blood Pressure

Saeed Taheri

Pih7:Long-Acting Recombinant FSH (Corifollitropin Alfa) Versus Recombinant FSH As Assisted Reproduction Techniques In The Management Of Infertility: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis


Best New Investigator Poster Research Presentations

Ejike Nwokoro

Php213: A Retrospective Review Of Reimbursement Decisions By The Haute Autorité De Santé In 2017 - Underlying Rationale For Medicinal Products With Insufficient Actual Medical Benefit

Matthew Walton

Php273: A Review Of Issues Affecting The Efficiency Of Decision Making In The Nice Single Technology Appraisal Process

Taneesha Chawla

Pcn293: What Is The Value Of Real World Evidence In Oncology In Hta Appraisals In England, France, Canada And Australia?


Best General Podium Presentations

Victoria Allan

Cv2: Impact Of Atrial Fibrillation (Af) Awareness Campaigns On Rates Of Af Related Consultations In Uk Primary Care: Interrupted Time Series Analyses

James Signorovitch

Nd1: Ambulatory Function In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Dmd): The Characteristic Trajectory And Variation Across Individuals

Richard Macaulay

Ht4: Pan-European Hta – Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going?

Ilse Van Oostrum

Mo4: Comparing Mixture Cure Models With Standard Parametric Models Within Three- And Five-State Partition Survival Frameworks

Best Student Podium Research Presentations

Olivia Dong

Cv1: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Of Muliti-Gene Pharmacogenetic Testing In Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Baptiste Leurent

Rm1: Sensitivity Analysis For Not-At-Random Missing Data In Trial-Based Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Using Multiple Imputation

Marguerite Kandel

Ql4: Assessment Of Quality Of Life In Patients With Metastatic Melanoma In Real Clinical Practice In France

Best New Investigator Podium Research Presentations

Vivian J Peirce

Md1: Evidence Development Timeline Of Medical Devices In The Uk: Where Do Medical Innovation Briefings Fit?

Christoph Klapproth

Ql1: Validation Of Promis Preference Score (Propr) In German Patients With Rheumatological Conditions

Carlijn Hintzen

Ht2: Patient Centric Measures In Htas For Autoimmune Diseases

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ISPOR would like to thank all the judges who have volunteered their time and efforts during the meeting to score podium and poster research presentations.