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ISPOR Central & Eastern Europe Consortium (ISPOR CEE Consortium) Research Committee

ISPOR CEE Consortium Research Committee is developed under the umbrella of ISPOR CEE Consortium. The Research Committee is formed to design and/or engage in projects that enhance the science of the pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research (clinical, economic, and patient-reported outcomes) and lead to improvements in the health care system in the region. The Committee facilitates the development of ISPOR Global Health Care Systems Roadmap and provides updates to ISPOR PE Guidelines (if applicable). Working groups may be developed based on the committee needs. Also, the Committee members engage in proposing and developing ISPOR CEE Forum topics.

  • Membership in ISPOR CEE Consortium Research Committee is open to all Consortium members who are interested in contributing to projects developed by the Committee. The Research Committee members must reside in a country in the CEE region.
  • The ISPOR CEE Consortium Research Committee is led by the Chair. The Chair and Chair-Elect are selected by the ISPOR CEE Consortium Executive Committee from the ISPOR CEE Consortium Research Committee members. The Chair and Chair-Elect must reside in a country in the region and be a member of ISPOR. Term of the Chair and Chair-Elect is 2 years.
Rok Hren, MSc, PhD

2017-2019 Chair

Rok Hren, MSc, PhD
University of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Maciej Niewada, MD

2017-2019 Chair-Elect

Maciej Niewada, MD
Medical University of Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland



ISPOR CEE Consortium Research Committee: Research Projects in Development!

As a result of ISPOR CEE Network Research Committee Meeting at ISPOR 16th Annual European Congress in Dublin last November and following discussions during the 11th International Conference of the Polish Pharmacoeconomics Society – ISPOR Poland Chapter in Warsaw in December 2013, the Committee identified 18 priority research themes to be developed into research projects. Following an email, members of the ISPOR CEE Network Research Committee had the opportunity to submit research proposals including topics: objectives, deliverables, and timeline. A total of 7 research proposals have been submitted and the following working research groups are in development:

  • Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making
  • The Benefits of Innovative Medicines
  • Evaluation of Generic and Biosimilar Drug Policies
  • The Impact of Parallel Trade
  • Patient Adherence / Real World Outcomes
  • Policy Approach to Technologies in Rare Diseases in the CEE Region
  • Study of Epidemiology & Economics of Typical Practice of Management of Patients with COPD

ISPOR CEE Network Research Committee Meeting at ISPOR 16th European Congress, November 2013

**If you are interested in joining ISPOR CEE Consortium Research Committee and would like to contribute to the above research projects, please email: emea@ispor.org.

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