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News Across Central & Eastern Europe, the ISPOR CEE Network newsletter, serves as a platform for exchange of knowledge in the CEE region on current health care systems and policies, outcomes research and education. The newsletter regularly informs ISPOR CEE Network members on news in the CEE region, ISPOR conferences, and the Network initiatives and regional activities, which impact health care research and policy decision-making in CEE.

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Latest Issue

Summer 2016 Issue Cover

News Across CEE Vol. 4 No.1 Summer 2016

Issue highlights:
News Across CEE Past Issues

Winter 2016 Issue Cover Volume 3 No.2, Winter 2015

ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress, Milan, Italy, November 2015 Cover Special Issue for ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress, Milan, Italy, November 2015

March 2015 Issue coverVolume 3 No. 1, Summer 2015

March 2015 Issue coverVolume 2 No. 2, Winter 2014

Volume 2 No. 1 June 2014 Special Issue for ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
Compendium of Health Policy Articles Published in December 2013 and June 2014 issues

Volume 2 No. 1 June 2014Volume 2 No. 1, June 2014

Volume 1 No. 2 December 2013Volume 1 No. 2, December 2013

Volume 1 Number 1 January-June 2013 Volume 1 No. 1 January-June 2013

EDITORIAL BOARD | 2016 - 2018

2016-2018 CO-EDITORS

John Yfantopoulos, PhD John Yfantopoulos, PhD
University of Athens
Athens, Greece
Tomas Dolezal Tomas Doležal, MD, PhD
Founder & Director,
Institute of Health Economics and Technology Assessment (iHETA)
Prague, Czech Republic
Andras Inotai, PharmD, PhD Andras Inotai, PharmD, PhD
Senior Pharmacoeconomist
Syreon Research Institute
University Lecturer, Eötvös Loránd University
Budapest, Hungary

News Correspondents

Begler Begovic, MSc, MD
Clinical Pharmacologist, Clinical Center, University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Josip Culig, MD, PhD
Professor, Clinical Pharmacologist, Institute of Public Health Dr.A. Štampar, Zagreb, Croatia

Alexey Kolbin, MD, PhD
Professor, School of Medicine & Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Paul Radu, MD, PhD
Public Health Researcher, Market Access Manager, Roche Romania SRL, Bucharest, Romania

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