Bryan Luce, PhD, MBA
1999-2000 ISPOR President

It has been both an honor and a challenge to serve as your President this past year and, as I turn over the mantle of office to the capable hands of Jon Clouse, I do so with mixed emotions.

This past year has been busy and productive for the Society. o We have reformulated our health science policy and education missions and reorganized our efforts to accomplish these key missions. The integrated Health Science Practice Standards Steering Committee composed of seven task forces:
(1) Medical Information Access by Karl Matuszewski; (2) Code of Ethics chaired by Frank Palumbo; (3) Use of Pharmacoeconomics/Health Economics Information in Decision-Making chaired by Michael Drummond; (4) Good Research Practices - Prospective Studies chaired by Louis Morris; (5)-Retrospective Database Studies chaired by Brenda Motheral; (6)-Modeling Studies chaired by Milton Weinstein; and (7) QoL Studies chaired by Paul Kind.

The integrated Education Steering Committee headed by Nelda Johnson is composed of five task forces:
(1) Fellowship headed by Jennifer Lofland; (2) Short Course Development & Quality Assurance headed by Kati Copley-Merriman; (3) Pharmacoeconomic & Outcomes Research Curriculum Development-for North America headed by Wallace Marsh; (4)-for Europe headed by Peter Davey; and (5) Outreach headed by Joe DiCesare.

  • We have established a Medical Device Technology Council (Alexandra Clyde, Eileen Helzner, Candace Littell, and Randel Richner) which will advise the Society on health economics and outcomes research issues related to medical devices.
  • We have established an ISPOR Student Council, chaired by Mohamed Omar, which extends and deepens commitment to our student members - our future.
  • We have established the first Special Interest Group - Quality of Life Special Interest Group, chaired by Paul Kind. This group has already begun to make its mark on FDA QoL policy guidance.
  • We have taken a co-leadership role in establishing an Inter-Society Forum under the leadership of Hugh Tilson. The Forum is composed of six scientific related societies.
  • We have also conducted a successful 2nd Annual European Meeting in Edinburgh under the capable leadership of Peter Davey.

This past year, I have been struck by the strength and vitality of ISPOR in several ways. First has been the spirit of volunteerism and involvement by many of you and your colleagues, and the excellence which so many have brought to the table. Where there is a need, there are volunteers. And these folk, who serve as committee members, chairs and advisors, invariably tackle the issues before them with energy, dedication and excellence. Second has been the openness of leadership, executive staff and general membership of ISPOR to new ideas and opportunities for the Society. All good ideas, whether they be to reach out to new constituents, to reformulate policies or to consider new opportunities are adopted or rejected on merit alone. This is not true of many older, entrenched societies. Third is the unusual strength, dedication and deftness of the Society's staff, which consists of Marilyn Dix Smith, executive director, and a small but extremely capable and hard working staff. Without their dedication, guidance and ability to lead through the ISPOR leadership, the Society would falter.

The sum of the above is a wonderfully enriching professional environment to guide us in our careers and a collegial forum within which we can share our work.


Bryan R. Luce PhD, MBA
1999-2000 ISPOR President

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