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Finn Kristensen MD, PhD
Director (2011-2013): Finn Børlum Kristensen, MD, PhD

Finn Børlum Kristensen, MD, PhD, is Chairman of the Executive Committee, European Network for HTA (EUnetHTA) since 2009, and Director of the Coordinating Secretariat of EUnetHTA Joint Action, National Board of Health, Denmark. He has been an adjunct professor in health services research and health technology assessment (HTA) at University of Southern Denmark since 1999. Previously, Dr. Kristensen was Director of the Danish Centre for HTA (DACEHTA), National Board of Health, Denmark 1997–2009; Director of Research, Danish Institute for Health Services Research, DSI, 1994–97; and Research Assistant, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen 1984-1994. Dr. Kristensen’s medical specializations are primary care and public health. He held clinical positions in hospitals and primary care institutions from 1979–93. He has been a partner in international projects in health services research, epidemiology, HTA, and clinical practice guidelines such as the EU FP 7 funded project: Health Services Research and European Policy and Practice (HSREPP) 2009-11 and  the EU FP 6 funded project: HTA methodology for innovative healthcare technologies (Inno-HTA) 2007–08. He was project leader of European Union Commission funded EUnetHTA 2006–08, partner in EU-BIOMED funded projects: AGREE, and AGREE 2 that developed a common instrument to assess the quality of clinical practice guidelines 1998-2004, and partner in the European Union Commission funded projects: ECHTA/ECAHI 1999–2002, ASTEC (Evaluation of Health Interventions) 1999–2000, HTA Europe 1996–99. Dr. Kristensen was Scientist in Charge for EU BIOMED funded project: Changing Professional Practice 1995–97, Chairman of the International Network of Agencies for HTA (INAHTA) 2003–2006, Observers for INAHTA on the HTA international (HTAi) Board of Directors 2003–2006, and Founding Member and Board of Trustees of the Guidelines International Network (GIN) 2003-05. He was Editor of HTA Handbook (English, translated) 2007, and Chief Editor of three peer-reviewed publication series by DACEHTA 1998–2009, and authored numerous international scientific publications.

ISPOR Vision Statement by Finn Børlum Kristensen, MD, PhD

As an international, educational and scientific organization ISPOR aims to foster excellence in the disciplines of health economics and outcomes research and the use of this research information in health care decisions at all levels. ISPOR has proven to be a very successful international Society in its field – a field of growing importance across the globe. The Society has gained a unique position to offer individuals and organizations in its membership a number of services to support their scientific and educational aims. The content of ISPOR’s activities is determined by its membership, and the selection processes are wholly independent from financial support.

The disciplines covered by ISPOR have expanded since the Society’s inception to be strategically placed between research and decision making. ISPOR has a wider scope than more specialized Societies. Meetings and publications attract a very broad audience with respect to profession, scientific discipline, geography, and stakeholder backgrounds (work environment).

My vision for ISPOR is to strengthen strategic alliances with key stakeholders and to explore how to better involve outcomes researchers with the true recipient of this research - the patient and citizen, and to better involve outcomes researchers with researchers in the field of health care organization and management. ISPOR should keep its focus on being an international Society thus strengthening the regional and national audiences, and facilitating the unique opportunities of learning from each other across sciences, across geographies and across economies.


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