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Mission and Policy Statement

The mission of Value & Outcomes Spotlight is to foster dialogue within the global health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) community by reviewing the impact of HEOR methodologies on health policy and health care delivery to ultimately improve decision making for health globally.


Value & Outcomes Spotlight provides engaging and succinct summaries and updates of important research and issues in HEOR. Published bi‐monthly, Value & Outcomes Spotlight presents practical “how‐to”reviews of HEOR methodologies and tools, best practices, and updates on developments within HEOR. The aim of the publication is to raise awareness among ISPOR members and stakeholders of key developments in the field and the impact of HEOR on health care access and delivery around the world.


Value & Outcomes Spotlight invites and encourages submissions that enable the reader to grasp the main points quickly and easily in examining pragmatic, methodological, or policy‐related applications of HEOR in global health care settings. The Editors welcome submissions that: 1) assess the real‐world application and value of specific health care interventions or policies; and 2) illustrate the impact of these interventions or policies on health care decision making. 

Key areas of focus for Value & Outcomes Spotlight include:

  • Health policies that affect the conduct, dissemination, and use of HEOR;
  • Methodological strategies and approaches that advance the science of HEOR, with practical examples of their value to health care delivery and decisions;
  • Reviews of clinical, economic, health‐preference, or health‐related quality‐of‐life studies that are relevant to current health care decision making;
  • Reports on international or country‐specific health care guidelines and regulations that are generalizable to other regions;
  • Updates from ISPOR’s peer‐reviewed publications, meetings, and global activities; and
  • Summaries of ISPOR’s knowledge products and online tools, including reports from working groups, task forces, and special interest groups.


The goal of Value & Outcomes Spotlight is to promote the value and application of HEOR research in a way that is informative to experts and accessible to non‐expert readers around the world.  

The audience of Value & Outcomes Spotlight is the international HEOR community, which includes researchers, academicians, policy makers, regulators, practitioners, payers, decision makers, and patients/patient representatives. This multi‐stakeholder group is invested in health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health globally.