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  • ISPOR Ukraine Chapter at the ISPOR 22nd International Meeting in Boston, USA, May, 2017
    ISPOR Ukraine Chapter has Organized a Meeting in collaboration with ISPOR Hungary and ISPOR Serbia Chapters

    ISPOR 22nd Annual International meeting in Boston represented another great opportunity for the members of the ISPOR Ukraine Chapter to organize their activities. ISPOR Ukraine Chapter members had conducted a very interesting and a productive meeting with their colleagues from ISPOR Hungary and Serbia Chapters during the ISPOR 22nd Annual International Meeting in Boston, USA. 

    The official agenda included the joint presentaions delivered by ISPOR Chapters from CEE Network: Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Julia Chamova, Director of EMEA Global Networks warmly welcomed the meeting participants and wished them all to get engaged in many interesting discussions. Vlad Zah, Chair, ISPOR CEE Network and Guenka Petrova, Chair-Elect welcomed the meeting.

     The meeting and the presentations gave participants the opportunity to share the experience of recent achievements in HTA in the region, and to discuss the introduction of MCDA in decision-making and its role in the reimbursement of new medicines in CEE countries. (Report from ISPOR Ukraine Chapter).

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    Great Participation of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter at the ISPOR 19h Annual European Congress in Vienna, Austria
    ISPOR Ukraine and ISPOR Ukraine Student Chapters held their Traditional and Successful Meeting at the 19th European Congress!

    ISPOR Ukraine Chapter has been shining with their numerous and active participation during the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress. ISPOR Ukraine Chapter together with the Student Chapter organized their traditional meeting, which has been attended by their colleagues from other CEE Network Chapters' members. 25 attendees enjoyed a very productive, enthusiastic and interesting meeting; among the attendees: Vlad Zah, Chair, CEE Network; Prof. Daniel Malone, Past President, ISPOR, Natia Kvizhinadze, President of Georgia Chapter, Talgat Nurgozin, President-elect of the Kazakhstan Chapter, Nadia Maldonado, ISPOR Staff liaison for the EMEA region.                                                  

    The main ponts of discussion were: implementation of HTA approaches in healthcare and educational system - challenges and opportunities in Ukraine; development of essential medicines list based on HTA approaches in Ukraine. Curent and future directions of MCDA use as a tool in the decision making in health care system in Ukraine; legislation and HTA in Ukraine; the ways towards the European integration: current approaches of transparent decision-making in the health system in Ukraine; interactive economic models and data visualization; challenges of HTA implementation in Ukraine.

    ISPOR Global Networks acknowledge a notable participation of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Activities at the Vienna Congress! 

    All attendees took an active part in the discussion of all the vital topic presented by the speakers: Olena Mandrik, Olexandr Topachevskiy, Oksana Mishchenko, Kostyantin Kosyachenko, Oresta Piniazhko, Olha Zaliska.

    ISPOR Ukraine Chapter members participated with many posters, as always, attended all the plenaries, actively participated in the CEE Network forums, CEE Network meetings and were invited guests of many invitational meetings.

    ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Meeting Summary
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    Innovations in the Treatment of the Hepatitis C: the Experience of European Countries
    Great Representation of ISPOR CEE Network Chapters at the 2nd Scientific and Practical Congress of Central European Hepatological Collaboration- CENC

    Pharmacoeconomic Studies in the Treatment of Liver Diseases

    June 23-25, 2016, ​​ Budapest hosted the 2nd scientific and practical Hepatology Congress Coalition of Central Europe (Central European Hepatology Collaboration - CEHC) entitled "Pharmacoeconomic studies in the treatment of liver diseases» (Cost-Effectiveness in Liver Disorders - CELD)

    Prof. Olga Zaliska, President of the ISPOR Ukraine Chapter, Head of the Department of Management and pharmacy economics, technology, medicine and pharmacoeconomics, Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Oresta Piniazhko, PhD student and Assistant Professor of the management of Pharmacy, Danilo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University and Dr. Sergei Soloviov, Senior Research fellow, Department of Virology of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate education took an active part at the Congress in the representation of the Ukraine Chapter.

    They presented a podium report, which showed the results of pharmacoeconomic studies of analyzing costs of treatment of hepatitis C in Ukraine and direction of providing innovative products, especially sofosbuvir, which in 2015 was for the first time included in the State Register of medicines of Ukraine and State target program to treat hepatitis C, which is implemented in Ukraine, providing drugs and improved quality of life for patients. They also presented a mathematical model of evaluating the effectiveness of substitution therapy among injecting drug users because of the possible reduction in the incidence of hepatitis among this population of Ukraine.

    The knowledgeable presenters and speakers of this joint session were Deputy Minister of Health of Poland Dr. Krzysztof Landa and Professor Zoltan Kalo of the Budapest University of Eötvös Loránd, Hungary. A key topic of the meeting was the question of approaches to financing innovation in the treatment of hepatitis C in European countries with average and below-average income levels. 

    Dr. Krzysztof Landa presented the Polish experience in introducing new regimens using drugs direct antiviral action (DAA - direct acting antivirals) and their combinations (sofosbuvir, ledipasvir / sofosbuvir). During 2016 it is planned the introduction of a single national program to combat hepatitis C, which should cover the maximum number of patients to ensure eradication of HCV to prevent the spread of the disease in Poland and in the future to reduce the costs of treating a cohort of patients with hepatitis C.

    Professor Zoltan Kalo presented the experience and outstanding achievements of Hungary in the implementation of innovative medicines for patients with hepatitis C, using modeling techniques for evaluation of "cost-effectiveness". He emphasized the urgent and important issues of reference pricing in Central and Eastern Europe. Our countries have different indicators of income levels and different economic status, so approaches to pricing for medicines should be based with the peculiarities of each country.

    The participants discussed the results of pharmacoeconomic analysis of new drugs in Bulgaria. They have been offered by a professor at the Medical University of Sofia, Dr. Guenka Petrova. In her presentation she revealed that due to the high cost of new therapies exceeding the allowable threshold funding, so Bulgaria should reconsider pricing for direct antiviral action new drugs.

    More than 100 representatives of various stakeholders, both from government and academia, clinicians and representatives of patient organizations, payers of services in health care, technology assessment experts from the health and patients attended the congress.

    Using the experience of implementation of state security regimen liver disease with new drugs in Central Europe, Ukraine should ensure the access of patients to medicines for the treatment of hepatitis C; pharmacoeconomic figure "cost-effectiveness" indicates the rationality of choosing drugs of straight antiviral activity in hepatitis C treatment regimens that will ensure the eradication of the virus among the population.

    Olga Zalesskaya, 
    Orestes Piniazhko, 
    Sergei Soloviov

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    ISPOR Ukraine Chapter is an Invitee to the HTA Roundtable in the Parliament of Ukraine
    ISPOR Ukraine Chapter President Participated in the HTA Roundtable in the Parliament of the Ukraine.

    On February 25, 2016, at the initiative of the Parliament of Ukraine on Health (the Committee) held a Roundtable on "Assessing Health Technology as a tool to improve the quality of care and rational use of resources"

    The participants of the Roundtable reviewed the reports of the leading experts in the field of HTA in Ukraine. Professor Konstantin Kosyachenko, Head of pharmacy and industrial technology of drugs of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomoletz, spoke about the prospects of introduction of technology assessment in Ukraine.

    "Training and educational technologies in HTA: world experience and Ukrainian reality" - the theme of the report of Professor Olga Zaliska, head of the department of organization and economics of pharmacy and drug technology and pharmacoeconomics, Faculty of Continuing Education, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, President of the Ukrainian branch of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomic studies and Outcomes Research since 2008.

    International Society for Pharmacoeconomic studies and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) develop scientific and practical aspects of implementation of HTA in the world and European countries. Ukrainian experts and scientists are actively involved in ISPOR European Congresses, International meetings and Regional Conferences presenting the results of their research and getting acquainted with the experience of foreign colleagues. There are always HTA Roundtables during those meetings.

    ISPOR offers distance learning programs including short courses, which are traditionally conducted before the conventions. ISPOR is providing a continuous and expert education in HTA/HEOR.  

    “Pharmacoeconomics" as a discipline, has been introduced in Ukraine since 2001 in pre- and postgraduate training of pharmacists and clinical pharmacists.  Since all modern information in HEOR/HTA is in English language, specialists of the department of economics and pharmacy and drug technology, Faculty of Continuing Education, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University supported ISPOR creating distance educational in Ukrainian, currently available at ISPOR website. To promote pharmacoeconomics and HEOR/HTA in Ukraine there also has been created the site

    Professor Zaliska mentioned that in Ukraine there are specialists, certified specialists with HTA and pharmacists who possess basic knowledge of pharmacoeconomic analysis and may be involved in health technology assessment. In 2002, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine also approved the Guidelines "Use of pharmacoeconomic evaluation of medicinal products in Ukraine" (authors: Prof. Zaliska and Prof. Parnovsky) which have been implemented in the activities of regional departments of health.

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Established January 2008
ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Members with Vlad Zah, Chair of the ISPOR CEE Network at the Meeting in Boston, USA
ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Members with Vlad Zah, Chair of the ISPOR CEE Network at the Meeting in Boston, USA
ISPOR Ukraine Chapter meetingat the ISPOR 19th European Congress, Vienna, Austria
ISPOR Ukraine Chapter meetingat the ISPOR 19th European Congress, Vienna, Austria

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