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ISPOR Patient Representative Membership

$35 – 1 Year Membership includes online subscription to the ISPOR Journal Value in Health

$120 – 1 Year Membership includes online and Hard Copy subscription to the ISPOR Journal Value in Health

To apply for an ISPOR Membership as a patient representative, please e-mail with a copy of your organization’s letter of 501(c)(3) determination. For more information about an ISPOR membership and the services and benefits that you receive, please see Member Services.

Travel Grant Information

For more information or to be considered for a patient travel grant to one of ISPOR’s upcoming meetings, please send an inquiry to

Please Note. To qualify for waived membership or a travel grant, patient representatives must represent a nonprofit, voluntary health agency (501(c)3 in the US) with a mission to combat a particular disease, disability, or group of diseases and disabilities, or to improve and protect the health of a particular group of people. They engage in programs, such as research, education, advocacy, and service to individuals and communities.

ISPOR Patient Centered Initiatives
European Patients Academy (EUPATI)

Patient Organizations Worldwide
An ever-expanding list of patient organizations from different regions of the world.

Patient Representatives Roundtable

ISPOR Patient Representatives Roundtable
Patient Representatives Roundtable provides an opportunity for patient representatives to learn and discuss how they can participate in the assessment of a new health technology (drug, medical device, diagnostics) and increase their involvement in health policy decision making.

Case Report of Patient Involvement in HTA

ISPOR Patient Centered Special Interest Group

ISPOR Patient Centered Special Interest Group
The goal is to determine how best to involve patients and their representatives, in all stages of the decision making, to improve health care delivery and outcomes.

Collaboration with Global Organizations

ISPOR is serving as an associate partner for the 9th European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products (ECRD 2018) on 10-12 May 2018 in Vienna, Austria. This conference will bring together the European rare disease community to facilitate effective policy discussions between all rare disease stakeholders including patients’ representatives, academics, health care professionals, industry, payers, regulators and policy makers.

ISPOR involves the rare disease community through our following groups:

ISPOR leads Task Force 4 of Work Package 4 (curriculum development) to develop educational modules for patients on health technology assessment and the economics of health care. ISPOR strives to provide patients with relevant knowledge and links to help them make informed decisions regarding their health.