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Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines Around The World

Pharmacoeconomic evaluation is an analytical tool used with increasing frequency to assist decision making in the financing and management of pharmaceutical products in the health care system or national health insurance programs of an individual country. Pharmacoeconomic (PE) guidelines can be used as a standard for preparation of studies to be included in application for reimbursement, a guide for designing and conducting a study, or a template for evaluating the economic study reports.

This section of the ISPOR website, “Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines Around the World” provides the following:

  • A comparative table of 33 guideline key features. The key features of the guidelines are: 1) type, 2) title and year of the document, 3) affiliation of authors, 4) main policy objective, 5) standard reporting format included, 6) disclosure of funding/ author’s interests, 7) target audience, 8) perspective, 9) indication, 10) target population, 11) subgroup analysis, 12) choice of comparator, 13) time horizon, 14) assumptions required, 15) preferred analytical technique, 16) costs to be included, 17) source of costs, 18) modeling, 19) systematic review of evidences, 20) preference for effectiveness over efficacy, 21) preferred outcome measure, 22) preferred method to derive utility, 23) Equity issue stated, 24) discounting costs, 25) discounting outcomes, 26) sensitivity analysis- parameters and range, 27) sensitivity analysis- methods, 28) presenting results, 29) incremental analysis, 30) total C/E, 31) portability of results (generalizability), 32) financial impact analysis, and 33) Mandatory or recommended or voluntary
  • Country-specific guidelines’ key features (33) as well as hyperlinks or full text of the guideline (as copyright permission allows) or publication reference including a map of the country

Guidelines listed are dated based on the publication date of the document and categorized as follows:

      Published PE Recommendations: they are country-specific economic evaluation guidelines or recommendations published by experts in the field but are not “officially” recognized or required by the health care decision-making bodies/entities in this country/region for reimbursement. 
    PE Guidelines:  they are country-specific “official” guidelines or policies concerning economic evaluation that are recognized or required by the health care decision-making bodies/entities in this country/region for reimbursement. 
  Submission Guidelines: they are country-specific “official” guidelines or policies concerning drug submission requirements with an economic evaluation part/section and are required by the health care decision-making bodies/entities in this country/region for reimbursement.



Published PE Recommendations

PE Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

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As a reference for the development of this information, please see: Health Care System Information Sharing. The reference citation is: Eldessouki R, Smith MD, Health Care System Information Sharing: A Step Toward Better Health Globally. Value Health Regional Issues 2012; 1:118-129

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