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The Danish Approach to Standards for Economic Evaluation Methodologies (Manuscript 1997)

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Alban A, Gyldmark M, Pedersen AV, Søgaard J. The Danish Approach to Standards for Economic Evaluation Methodologies. Pharmacoeconomics. 1997 Dec;12(6):627-36.
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Key Features:  
Title and year of the documentThe Danish Approach to Standards for Economic Evaluation Methodologies (Manuscript 1997) 
Affiliation of authorsDanish Hospital Institute, University of Copenhagen, University of Odense 
Purpose of the documentProvide guidelines for how health economic analyses should be scoped in relation to application for finansial subsidy 
Standard reporting format includedProvided as a supplementary note 
DisclosureNone declared 
Target audience of funding/ author's interestsIndividuals responsible for undertaking economic analysis of pharmaceuticals 
PerspectiveSocial perspective 
IndicationNot specified 
Target populationIt should be clearly defined which patients are expected to be treated with the analysed pharmaceutical 
Subgroup analysisNot specified 
Choice of comparatorNot specified 
Time horizonAll relevant cost and effects should be identified - no specific time frame formulated 
Assumptions requiredNot specified 
Preferred analytical techniqueImplicit CEA/CUA 
Costs to be includedAll relevant cost - direct, indirect and intangable. Indirect and intangable cost should be reported seprately, and valued on if it is considered relevant. 
Source of costsRandomised controlled trials, supplemented by long term consequences (models) 
ModelingNot specified 
Systematic review of evidencesNot specified 
Preference for effectiveness over efficacyNot specified 
Preferred outcome measureOutcome measures relevant to specific treatement recommended (successfull treatments, time without symptoms or pain, life years, quality adjusted life years. Willingness to pay estimates should not be only outcomess but can be used as a supplement 
Preferred method to derive utilityTTO or SG from a representative sample of the population 
Equity issues statedNot specified 
Discounting costsShould be done when there are effect and cost consequences over several years. Decisions on discount rate should be made in each analysis and could be focus for sensitivity analysis 
Discounting outcomesAs for cost 
Sensitivity analysis-parameters and rangeShould be made to show robustness of analysis conclusion on changes in assumptions, valuation, cost, effect and discounting 
Sensitivity analysis-methodsNone specified 
Presenting resultsRecommended structure: 1: main results and resume; 2: Introduction; 3: Data material; 4: Analyses; 5: Results, conclusion and discussion; 6: References; 7: Appendix 
Incremental analysisNot specified 
Total costs vs effectiveness (cost/effectiveness ratio)Not specified 
Portability of results (Generalizability)Not specified 
Financial impact analysisFinansical consequences on the health budgets as a consequence of using the product should be provided 
Mandatory or recommended or voluntaryVoluntary 

Acknowledgement: Alban A, Gyldmark M, Pedersen AV, Søgaard J. The Danish approach to standards for economic evaluation methodologies. Pharmacoeconomics. 1997 Dec;12(6):627-36.

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