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Country/Region: Austria

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Guidelines on Health Economic Evaluations (Concensus Paper 2006)
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Key Features:  
Title and year of the documentGuidelines on Health Economic Evaluations (Concensus Paper 2006) 
Affiliation of authorsInstitute for Pharmaeconomic Research (IPF) in cooperation with an expert group 
Purpose of the documentProviding recommendations for C/E studies and ensure a minimum standard of methodology and transparency 
Standard reporting format includedNo 
Target audience of funding/ author's interestsDecision makers 
PerspectiveApart from the societal perspective, other perspectives (e.g. health care system, social insurance,..) are possible 
Target populationBe clearly specify 
Subgroup analysisYes 
Choice of comparatorStandard therapy, most frequent therapy or most effective therapy 
Time horizonDepends on research question 
Assumptions requiredYes 
Preferred analytical techniqueCMA, CEA, CUA 
Costs to be includedCosts relevant to the chosen perspective. Report indirect costs separately. 
Source of costsLatest unit prices, give references. 
ModelingYes, requires details 
Systematic review of evidencesNot stated 
Preference for effectiveness over efficacyBoth acceptable 
Preferred outcome measureDepends on research question 
Preferred method to derive utilityShould justify the selection 
Equity issues statedYes 
Discounting costs5%; SA:(3%-10%) 
Discounting outcomes5%; SA:(3%-10%) 
Sensitivity analysis-parameters and rangeAll key uncertain parameters, within a defined area, or probabilistic 
Sensitivity analysis-methodsOne-way, multi-way, may be probabilistic analysis 
Presenting resultsMust be reproduced transparently in disaggregated and aggregated form as for publication in peer reviewed journals 
Incremental analysisYes 
Total costs vs effectiveness (cost/effectiveness ratio)Yes 
Portability of results (Generalizability)Yes; Studies must refer to the national context 
Financial impact analysisPossible 
Mandatory or recommended or voluntaryRecommended 

Acknowledgement: Dr. Gottfried Endel, Head of HTA Department, Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions contributed to the key feature form.

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