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Country/Region: Baltic (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)

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Baltic guideline for economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals (Pharmacoeconomic Analysis)(2002)
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Key Features:  
Title and year of the documentBaltic guideline for economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals (Pharmacoeconomic Analysis)(2002) 
Affiliation of authorsExperts from health authorities of the Baltic countries 
Purpose of the documentDrug reimbursement and other state funding decisions 
Standard reporting format includedNo 
Target audience of funding/ author's interestsPharmaceutical companies. Baltic states’ health authority 
PerspectiveMainly health care perspective. If relevant, societal 
IndicationApproved one(s) 
Target populationYes 
Subgroup analysisYes 
Choice of comparatorMost commonly used alternative or practice. Be justified. 
Time horizonTo model a sufficient analysis period when trial data provide too short a time frame 
Assumptions requiredNot stated 
Preferred analytical techniqueAny one of CMA, CEA, CUA. Need justification. 
Costs to be includedOnly direct health care costs. If relevant, include all costs outside healthcare system, presented separately. 
Source of costsAdapt local cost. Be specified. 
ModelingYes, requires details 
Systematic review of evidencesEncourage meta-analysis 
Preference for effectiveness over efficacyPrefer data from RCTs 
Preferred outcome measureChange in the health state. Absolute risk difference calculated 
Preferred method to derive utilityEuroQol, Health Utility Index 
Equity issues statedNot stated 
Discounting costsYes, 5% justify for other rates 
Discounting outcomesYes, 5% 
Sensitivity analysis-parameters and rangeMain assumption variables, confidence interval 
Sensitivity analysis-methodsDetails of the statistical tests performed 
Presenting resultsC/E ratio, ICER, total annual cost and benefit 
Incremental analysisYes 
Total costs vs effectiveness (cost/effectiveness ratio)Yes 
Portability of results (Generalizability)Adjustment needed 
Financial impact analysisNo 
Mandatory or recommended or voluntary 

Acknowledgement: Eglė Urbonavičiūtė, Chief specialist, deputizing for the Head of Medical Technology Division, State Health Care Accreditation Agency (VASPVT), Vilnius, Lithuania and Diāna Arāja, Head, Pharmacy Division, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

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