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Heather Campbell PharmD, PhD candidate, ISPOR Past Student Chapter President 2006-2007, University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy; Caitlyn Wilke MS, ISPOR Student Chapter President, 2007-2008, University of Illinois at Chicago; and Seina P. Lee, PharmD, MS, ISPOR Student Network Council Chair, 2007- 2008, Thomas Jefferson University

ISPOR Student Corner: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Looking Back- ISPOR Student Network Activities at ISPOR 10th Annual European Congress, Dublin, Ireland, October 20-23, 2007
The 10th Annual ISPOR European Congress took place in Dublin, Ireland from October 20-23, 2007. This congress had the highest attendance of any ISPOR European congress to date. In order to get a better idea about how the ISPOR Student Network could improve its impact globally, a luncheon was held for students in attendance. Ten students and our ISPOR faculty advisor, Dr. Zeba Khan, attended. In this forum, we discussed the structure of different academic programs, the importance of pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research in each person's respective country, and whether there would be interest in forming student chapters at each university or college.

Additionally, students were asked to complete a brief survey on their interests in forming a chapter, perceived barriers to chapter formation, and their interest in topics for future forums at European Congresses. Respondents were unsure of whether there would be interest in forming student chapters on their campus, with concerns about time investment and lack of initiative being perceived as the largest problems for forming an ISPOR Student Chapter. Students were, for the most part, unaware of free student activities (e.g., mock interviews, social functions), educational teleconferences, ISPOR Student Travel Awards, or recruitment help through the ISPOR employment center, which gave us a great avenue for discussion during our luncheon.

While the luncheon was small, it was a great success. From our discussion, we realized that there should be more communication between students from the United States and students from Europe. All students should be able to access the ISPOR website and an ISPOR student membership to enjoy the full benefits of the student network. There was also high interest in student forums with health economics, health policy, or outcomes topics, student receptions, and evening outings. The results of these surveys will hopefully be used to plan a very successful European Congress in Athens, Greece in 2008! There were many interesting events beyond the luncheon as well. In general, topics at the European Congress overlapped, but had a slightly different focus than the International Conference, which is likely a result of a different audience. There is still plenty to learn about from each other. This was evident starting with the First General Plenary: it is common for U.S. health economic students to learn about Canada, Mexico, Australia, and England health care, but we doubt very few of us have been exposed to the status of health care in Ireland before this meeting. Between the many rows of posters, you could see people animatedly discussing their research, exchanging cards, and excitedly anticipating the outcomes of the collaborative relationships which were forming. As students, it was energizing to see leaders in the field exploring their thoughts on the future of outcomes research. All of this, combined with a chance to explore the rich culture of Dublin, provided for an amazing Congress experience that we would highly recommend to anyone.

Moving Forward- ISPOR Student Network Activities at 13th Annual International Meeting, May 3-7, 2008, Toronto, ON, Canada
The 13th Annual International Meeting will take place in Toronto, ON, Canada, from May 3-7, 2008. The ISPOR Student Network Council consists of 27 student chapter presidents who are preparing for this meeting. Over 40 poster presentations and 6 podium presentations will be presented by ISPOR student members.

ISPOR Student Network activities at the annual meeting will begin with the ISPOR Student Network Leadership Retreat on Sunday, May 4, 2008. During the leadership retreat, the ISPOR Student Network Council will review the accomplishments over the past year and discuss areas of improvement and detail strategic plan for the upcoming year. Our second annual research competition will follow and the student teams will compete with each other to answer questions derived from the fields of health economics, pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, statistics, and outcomes research. The winning team will receive a plague and a scholarship. We highly encourage students to participate! Last but not least, ISPOR Student Council is looking forward to the Student Icebreaker Reception on Sunday night. This reception will serve as an informal 'meet and greet' for all the student members of ISPOR and provide the opportunity to network

On Monday, March 5, Annesha Lovett PharmD, MS and Seina Lee PharmD, MS will host the student luncheon and lead the discussion on “How to Interview Well” with student members before the mock interview session. Student Mock Interviews will be conducted by interviewers from industry, consulting, and academia to provide students with feedback on how to perform well during the interview process. Prior registration will be required for this interview session so sign up early for this event.

On Tuesday, March 6, ISPOR student education forum will host Dr. Grant H. Skrepnek, from the University Of Arizona College Of Pharmacy and Dr. Skrepnek will provide a basic overview of decision analysis and its application using TreeAge" software program. Tuesday afternoon, ISPOR Student Network Council luncheon will be held to bring all ISPOR Student Network council together for one last time and we will have the opportunity to review feedback of the student activities and start planning for the student activities at upcoming ISPOR meetings.

By becoming involved in the Student Network and the organization, one can gain new insight to health economics and outcomes research while making new friends and colleagues. We highly encourage every student who is not already a member of ISPOR to become a member and make plans to attend the International Conference. Experience, perspective, and people who you will meet will be priceless!


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