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Joel Hay �Steps Down� as Editor-in-Chief of VALUE IN HEALTH and ISPOR Board of Directors Begins Search for New Editor

By Eva Lydick PhD., 2001-2002 ISPOR President

Dr. Joel Hay �stepped down� as Editor-in-Chief of Value in Health on November 27th. In leaving, he felt that �the time is right� for new leadership to build on the growth of the journal in its first five years. As President of ISPOR, I would like to extend my appreciation and that of the Society as a whole to Joel for his incredible achievements during his tenure with Value in Health. Joel was chosen as the first Editor-in-Chief of the nascent journal and has in a brief time created a journal that is respected in the field and viewed by our members as an important benefit of membership. Foremost among Joel�s achievements was the establishment of a set of policies for review and selection of manuscripts. Also, under Joel�s urging, the ISPOR Board of Directors adopted the guidelines of the World Association of Medical Editors. These actions ensure the stability and editorial independence of the journal, which in turn ensures that Value in Health will continue to be a respected and highly relevant resource for our field.

In a resignation letter to his co-editors and editorial advisors, Dr. Hay expressed his views on the philosophy he brought to the journal. These views formed the basis for the journal�s many accomplishments in a short time:

The recent decision by the National Library of Medicine to list the journal on Medline on our first application confirms that we've done a lot of the right things to keep the journal moving forward. In particular, the strong commitment to scientific peer review for all journal content, and the decision by the ISPOR Board to have the Value in Health Editorial Office follow the World Association of Medical Editors guidelines has ensured that a commitment to the scientific integrity of the journal�s editorial policies are the highest priority for Value in Health. Given the topics that we deal with in this journal, this scientific integrity is absolutely critical for establishing credibility in the fields of pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.
I believe that our guidelines for conflict of interest, data and model disclosure, special topic issues, etc. have been well thought-out, and have actually been ahead of guidelines recently promulgated by prestigious medical journals (e.g., NEJM 2001; 345:825-826).

The Board has endorsed and continues to endorse the policies proposed by Joel and his colleagues. A search is now underway to find a new Editor that can take the Journal to the next level in acceptance and recognition within the scientific community. In the interim, Dr Josephine Mauskopf has agreed to serve as Acting Editor-in-Chief. John Moore from Montreal, Canada, who joined the Value in Health Editorial Office in May 2001, will continue as Managing Editor. The ISPOR staff personnel, under the direction of ISPOR staff member, Stephen Priori, new ISPOR Director of Publications, will assume the responsibilities of the Editorial Assistant position. We have a strong group of co-editors and Editorial Advisory Board members who remain. Thanks to the efforts of Joel, BioMedCom, Sally Kotar, John Moore, the co-editors and the Editorial Advisory Board, the Journal is in good shape with the first two issues of 2002 complete. The third issue will contain the 7th Annual Meeting abstracts.

Information on the responsibilities for the Editor-in-Chief position and the Request for Proposal (RFP) requirements are at the
ISPOR website ( The Board hopes to be able to select the new Value in Health Editor-in-Chief prior to the 7th Annual International Meeting in May, so that he or she would have an opportunity to speak directly with the co-editors, the Editorial Advisory Board and ISPOR members at that time.

Again, I would like to thank Joel Hay for his many services to ISPOR and to Value in Health and offer my congratulations on his splendid achievement of guiding the journal to inclusion in Index Medicus/MEDLINE in just four years.

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