The Official News & Technical Journal Of The International Society For Pharmacoeconomics And Outcomes Research

Mission and Policy Statement

ISPOR CONNECTIONS is ISPOR’s journal that strives to provide timely communications on methodological and health policy issues of interest to Society members.

ISPOR CONNECTIONS is designed to be accessible and to act as a catalyst in fostering dialogue around the application of such developments as they impact health outcomes research information, the formation of health policy, and the delivery of health care.  Key areas of focus for ISPOR CONNECTIONS include articles on:

  1. Policy issues affecting the conduct, dissemination, and use of pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research;
  2. Methodologic advances in the scientific underpinnings of the fields of pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research; and
  3. Developments in the worldwide growth of ISPOR, including its international meetings and the establishment and growth of local chapters.

ISPOR CONNECTIONS invites articles based on work with pragmatic or policy-related implications for health and health care as well as outcomes research methodological issues.