Each recipient of the travel grant is awarded a COMPLIMENTARY REGISTRATION TO THE ISPOR EVENT inclusive of SHORT COURSES (up to 4 courses) – registration to be submitted to ISPOR for processing prior to the Meeting/Congress/Conference. Also inclusive is up to $1,800 for round trip coach/economy class travel, hotel, meals, and conveyance expenses. Recipients will be responsible for booking their own hotel and flight. ISPOR will not release funds prior to the event to cover these expenses. Reimbursement form, including all required receipts, must be submitted within 30 days after event ends. Note: All non-US $ reimbursements will be made via bank transfer.
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I understand that the grant includes complimentary registration to the ISPOR event including up to 4 short courses and up to $1,800 USD in travel/accommodation expenses that will be reimbursed after the ISPOR event as per the ISPOR Travel and Reimbursement Policy. Expenses exceeding this amount and/or failing to comply with the above mentioned policy will be my responsibility. Upon being selected to receive the grant, I agree to submit the reimbursement form including all required receipts within 30 days after the last day of the ISPOR event.

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