Date: March 20-21, 2018

Location: Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Venue: Siena Hotel Autograph Collection Marriott | Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Essential Elements of Pricing

Learn the context, rules and processes behind Pharmaceutical Pricing, understanding the tradeoffs, commonalities and differences between markets and disease areas

In this course, participants will learn what pharmaceutical pricing is and what it is not. Starting from an overview of what are the key considerations behind pricing decisions – from the distinct perspectives of the industry, the health systems and other key stakeholders – we will review the key steps and approaches that lead to decisions in pharmaceutical and biotech pricing.

We will also present how pricing, reimbursement and market access are intertwined and how these are regulated in different health systems. Participants will work with the Faculty to apply learnings to specific concrete situations, working on case studies in different disease areas and different health system scenarios, thus gaining an understanding of how theoretical concepts and rules can be applied in practice. Moreover, special key issues in pharmaceutical pricing will be presented and discussed, addressing topics like international price differentials, pricing and patient access, innovative pricing models and the peculiar pricing issues in disease areas like oncology, rare diseases and cell and gene therapies. The course will also cover technical topics such as use of secondary and primary research to support pricing strategy development and decisions as well as the interactions with health economics.

Jack Mycka
Jack Mycka, Global President & CEO, Medical Marketing Economics LLC (MME), Montclair, NJ, USA
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Renato Dellamano
Renato Dellamano, President, MME Europe & ValueVector (Value Added Business Strategies), Milan, Italy
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