June 19-21 2018 | Princeton, NJ, USA
Crowne Plaza Princeton Conference Service Center

ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Training Program

Do you know how payers evaluate pharmaceutical products and other technologies in the United States and other leading markers? Are you interested in learning about issues and techniques related to the use and conduct of health technology assessment (HTA)? How is HTA in the US influenced by and influencing HTA in other countries? What are the current standards and practices for HTA? What specific analytical methods and tools are used? Due to the increasing costs of pharmaceuticals, HTA is becoming more and more important in the US. HTA plays an instrumental role in the advancement of evidence-based healthcare decision making. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from global HTA experts at the next ISPOR HTA Training Program held in June in New Jersey, USA!


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe what a ‘good’ HTA process looks like and why this is important for health policy decisions
  • Understand what evidence is; how the individual need for evidence may differ among patients, providers, payers, and regulators; and how to identify and combine clinical research (i.e., meta-analysis and modeling)
  • Recognize best practices in the conduct and reporting of economic evaluation, and be able to conduct a trial- and modeling-based economic evaluation
  • Be aware of other important factors in policy decision making (e.g., societal value, patient perspectives, and ethical, legal, social and cultural implications of technology use, etc.) and understand how these can be incorporated into an HTA process
  • Appreciate different issues, as well as the importance of different perspectives, related to the use and conduct of HTA
Training Program Outline and Course Materials

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Finn Børlum Kristensen
Finn Børlum Kristensen, MD, PhD
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Louis P. Garrison, Jr, PhD
Louis P Garrison, Jr, PhD
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Zoltán Kaló
Zoltán Kaló, MSc, MD, PhD
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Beth Devine, PhD
Beth Devine, PhD, PharmD, MBA
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