ISPOR 2018 Summit on

New Approaches to Value Assessment: Towards More Informed Pricing in Healthcare

Date: October 19, 2018

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Value-based pricing has become a popular term for how healthcare pricing, particularly drug pricing, might be approached. However, what constitutes value is very much up for debate, especially when concerns about fostering innovation are factored in. This Summit will explore and debate both standard and more recently proposed approaches to measuring value and how they could be used in pricing and coverage decisions. Because value is often related to whose perspective is taken and what the decision context is, the role of patient, health plan, societal, manufacturer, and other perspectives will be considered. This Summit complements the recently published work of ISPOR’s Special Task Force on US Value Assessment Frameworks by creating a forum for discussion of its research agenda along with other current initiatives. It will involve a broad range of stakeholders, with a focus on how pricing can better reflect the value that patients and society derive from healthcare.

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