Date: March 22-23, 2018

Location: Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Venue: Siena Hotel Autograph Collection Marriott | Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Building a Budget Impact Model: Budget Impact Analysis Training

Through presentation and hands-on exercises, participants will learn to design and build a budget impact model and interpret the results. The course will begin with an overview of budget impact analysis and why it is important. Next, good practice guidelines will be discussed and summarized into six basic steps for estimating budget impact: 1) estimating the target population; 2) selecting a time horizon; 3) identifying current and projected treatment mix; 4) estimating current and future drug costs; 5) estimating change in disease-related costs; and 6) estimating and presenting changes in annual budget impact and health outcomes. To illustrate these steps, we will guide participants through the construction of a budget impact model using data sources provided. Participants will develop each component of the budget impact analysis by selecting and entering data into Excel, creating Excel equations to perform calculations, and displaying inputs and results in an appropriate format. Participants will also interpret results, consider critical questions to consider when adapting a budget impact analysis to a specific health plan, and review how these analyses are used by payers and other decision makers. The course will cover technical topics such as use of static versus dynamic budget impact models and differences between budget impact analyses for drugs and those for device or diagnostic technologies.

Prerequisite: Knowledge and experience using equations and formatting in Excel. VBA experience is not required.

Josephine Mauskopf
Josephine Mauskopf, PhD, MHA, MA, Vice President, Health Economics, RTI Health Solutions
Stephanie Earnshaw
Stephanie R. Earnshaw, PhD, MS, Vice President, Health Economics, RTI Health Solutions
Anita Brogan
Anita Brogan, PhD, MS, Head, Decision Analytic Modeling, Health Economics, RTI Health Solutions
Susan Hogue PharmD, MPH
Susan Hogue PharmD, MPH, Head of Value Insight and Access Strategy, RTI Health Solutions

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