Content Outline

Program Content Outline:

  1. What is Pharmaceutical Pricing and why is it important?
    • What is pharmaceutical pricing and what it is not
    • Basic pharmaceutical pricing concepts and terminology
    • Sorting out value and pricing of a new drug
  2. Pharmaceutical Pricing in context
    • The context for pricing decisions: the industry perspective
      • Competition
      • Corporate strategic imperatives
      • Phases of a product life cycle
    • Value-based pricing vs. other pricing approaches
  3. Key Price Control Mechanisms in place for biopharmaceuticals
    • The broader economic context in which health systems operate
    • Market-based vs. regulated Health and Pharmaceutical Pricing systems
    • Commonalities and differences in global Pharmaceutical Pricing
    • International reference pricing and its implications
    • “Gross to net” pricing considerations
  4. Key Health Systems and their Approaches to Pharmaceutical and Biotech Pricing
    • The most important market-based health system: the US
    • The EU: one single market, but multiple health systems, pricing, reimbursement and market access approaches
    • Emerging pharmaceutical markets: how are they different / the same
  5. Key issues in pharmaceutical and biotech pricing
    • International price differentials: myth vs. reality
    • Pharmaceutical pricing and patient access: finding the appropriate balance
    • Gross-to-net including innovative pricing approaches: the risks and opportunities
    • Particular Pharmaceutical Pricing challenges
      • Oncology / “end of life” conditions
      • Orphan drugs
      • Cell and gene therapies
  6. Pricing research as a support to developing optimal pricing strategies
    • Key definitions
    • Secondary research vs. primary research
    • Examples of secondary pricing research
    • Key methods in primary pricing research
    • What to use, when
  7. Pricing and Health Economics
    • How can health economics inform pricing strategies
    • Developing a pragmatic approach
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