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A wonderfully turbulent, charismatic city, Lima is a stunning mix of a modern metropolis, colonial charm, and ancient wonder!

Situated along the Peru’s Pacific coast, Lima, with a population of over nine million, is the fifth largest city in South America, and the second largest desert capital in the world – after Cairo. The city, beginning on the coast, rises to more than 5,000 feet (1500 m) above sea level, allowing for many stunning vantage points.

Historic Lima

With a culture dating back millennia, the cityscape of Lima features modern skyscrapers and condominiums sitting side-by-side with beautiful, Spanish colonial mansions, and ancient temples. Today, the city is renowned for its world-class cuisine, trendy shops, and thriving nightlife, as well as fascinating museums and galleries.

Modern Lima

Shrouded both in history, and fog off of the Pacific, Lima is a thoroughly cosmopolitan, exciting, vibrant - and often chaotic - city, and one that will win over visitors hearts from the very first moment they lay eyes on it.

General Information

Geographical Highlights: Settled on the Peruvian Coastal Plain, Lima sits within the valleys of the Chillon, Lurin, and Rimac Rivers. The city slopes from the Pacific up to the base of the majestic Andes, with some areas of the city reaching over 5000 feet in elevation.

Language: Spanish

Currency: Peruvian nuevo sol

Time zone: PET (UTC−5)

Sunrise & Sunset: August: 6:55AM/ 8:30PM

Climate: Classified as a “mild desert climate,” thanks to the cooling waters of the Pacific, Lima has relatively stable temperatures, with cooler temperatures in the winter, featuring persistent morning drizzle.

Quick Climate Info:

Hottest month: February (73° F/ 23° C average)
Coldest Month: August (61° F/ 16° C average)
Wettest Month: August (.05”/ .01 cm average)
Annual Rainfall: .25”/ .6 cm

Drinking Water: We strongly recommend using bottled water, as tap water is generally not safe to drink.

Medical: State of the art hospitals and medical facilities are available throughout the city, as well as evacuation services.

It is recommended that travelers to South America consult their doctors regarding any vaccinations that might be necessary before travel.

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Modern Lima

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