Program Objectives

Why Attend the BIA In-Person Training in Durham, NC?

Budget impact analyses (BIAs) are now an essential part of a comprehensive economic assessment of health care interventions/treatments and are increasingly required by reimbursement authorities. An understanding of BIA is vital knowledge for professionals and administrators working in health care today. 

How you’ll benefit:

Who should Attend:

Training Objectives

After attending this education program, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe the 6 steps needed to complete a budget impact analysis;
  2. Distinguish between a static and dynamic budget impact model;
  3. Design a budget impact model to estimate the budget impact of a new healthcare intervention using the 6-step approach;
  4. Construct, de novo, a static budget impact model using Excel and using input data sources provided;
  5. Interpret the results from Excel-based budget impact analyses using a static or a dynamic model;
  6. Adapt existing static or dynamic budget impact models to reflect an alternative health plan or new evidence;
  7. Understand how to construct a budget impact model that will be credible and useful for payers and other budget holders.
  8. Understand what payers are saying about BIA and what they like to see


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