Health Care Database Key Attributes Questionnaire

1. Database description (Summary of the database, strengths, limitations):
2. Geographic area represented:
3. Name of the database:
4. Database Technical Details
File Structure (i.e. cd rom, pdf, Microsoft word or excel)
Database overview web URL (required format:
Contact person name
Contact person address
Contact person email
Contact person telephone number
Access database web URL (required format:
Email of the person responsible for updating this record (this email will be used to update or revise database record)
5. Database information:
How many years are covered by the database?
When did the database begin?
When did the database end?
How many unique patients in the last 12 months?
6. Are diagnostic or procedure codes included? yesno
7. Do you have In-Hospital patient information? yesno
8. Do you have out-of-Hospital patient information? yesno
9. Are all diseases included in the database?
10. Do you have financial information? yesno
11. Do you have drug information available? yesno
12. Do you provide research services to analyze the data?
13. Is the data publicly available? Other: