The ISPOR Distance Learning Program

What is The ISPOR Distance Learning Program?
ISPOR serves the public interest by promoting the science of pharmacoeconomics and health care outcomes assessment by providing services to advance pharmacoeconomic and outcomes research and educational activities. There is an increasing demand on health care decision-makers to understand and use pharmacoeconomics in the decision-making process. ISPOR is bridging the gap between pharmacoeconomic information and health care decisions worldwide through the convenience of the Internet. The ISPOR Distance Learning Program is designed to provide knowledge and skills on pharmacoeconomic and outcomes research topics (clinical, economic, patient-reported outcomes) via the Internet.

Structure of the IDLP program
The ISPOR Distance Learning Program provides convenient access to individual training modules. Each module is self-contained. Modules can be used individually or used in combination, making the learning program highly customized. The modules are prerecorded, rather than live, and are available 24 hours a day. The modules are presented in a relatively non-technical format and include the following:
      • an integrated slide-audio presentation
      • downloadable slide presentation
      • transcript of the presentation
      • Certificate of completion

ISPOR Distance Learning Program Modules
Module Title Available in Language
Outcomes Research Methods
Introduction to Outcomes Research
Introduction to Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analysis
Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis: Applications
Economic Methods
Introduction to Pharmacoeconomics (Free Module)
Cost-of-Illness/Cost-Estimation (COI/CE)
Cost-Minimization/Cost-Consequence (CMA/CCA)
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) and Cost-Utility Analysis (CUA)
Modeling Methods
Modeling Health Care Costs – Part I: Characteristics of Health Care Costs
Modeling Health Care Costs – Part II: Methods and Guidelines for Estimating Health Care Costs
Modeling Health Care Costs – Part III: Estimation from Censored Data
NEW! Introduction to Budget Impact Analysis (BIA) - Part I  
NEW! Introduction to Budget Impact Analysis (BIA) - Part II  
Markov Model Toolkit: Concepts, Assumptions and Examples
Patient-Reported Outcomes Methods
Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) – Basics
PRO: Analysis and Interpretation
PRO: Instrument Development
Item Response Theory – A Conceptual Introduction
Preparing for Multinational Clinical Trials: Translation and Cultural Adaptation of PRO Measures
Evidence Generation for Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Label Claims (FDA Requirements)
Patient-Preference Methods
An Introduction to Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis (Discrete Choice Experiments)
Observational Data Methods
Intermediate Retrospective Observational Study – Propensity Scoring Methods
Use of Public Survey Data in Health Outcomes Research

About the IDLP Faculty

ISPOR Distance Learning Program Module Fees:
  11- 20
  21 - 50
  OVER 50
Standard   US$300   US$600   US$1500   US$2000
Clinical Practitioners / Full-time Government / Academia   US$200   US$400   US$1000   US$1500
ISPOR Chapter   US$150   US$300   US$750   US$1000

*Entitles the purchaser to one year of access to the module from the date of purchase.
**Prices quoted are per module. For more information on group purchase rates, please contact

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