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Articles in Press

Value in Health offers readers the opportunity to access complete articles (Articles in Press) to be published in upcoming issues of Value in Health. Current Articles in Press can be found at:, by clicking the “Articles in Press" tab.

Articles that appear in Articles in Press can be found in future issues of Value in Health listed below.  All articles in these future issues have been accepted for publication, and currently may be at any stage in the post-acceptance process, which include copy-editing, typesetting, author review, revisions, and pre-electronic production, with articles in earlier issues appearing sooner than articles in later issues. These accepted articles appear in Articles in Press only after completing the post-acceptance process and remain for viewing until approximately one month prior the hard copy release date (Note: The timeframe from when an article is accepted, and appears and remains in Articles in Press are approximate, pending submission to publisher, extent of typesetting, author turn-around times, revisions, etc. Thus, some accepted articles that appear below may not appear in Articles in Press).

Future Issues:

Value in Health 2015 Volume 18 Issue 5


Why did the RCT become the primary focus of my career?
David L. Sackett, OC, MD, FRSC, FRCP


An analysis of the public financial support eligibility rule for French dependent elders with Alzheimer's disease Thomas Rapp, Ph.D.; Loretto Lacey, Ph.D.; Pierre-Jean Ousset, M.D.; Pascale Cowppli-Bony, M.D., Ph.D.; Bruno Vellas, M.D., Ph.D.; Jean-Marc Orgogozo, M.D., Ph.D

The cost-effectiveness of different hearing screening strategies for 50- to 70-year-old adults: a Markov model Anouk Linssen; Lucien Anteunis; Manuela Joore

The cost-effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral group training for patients with unexplained physical symptoms Martijn Visser; Lyonne N Zonneveld, PhD; Adriaan van 't Spijker, PhD; Myriam G Hunink, PhD; Jan J Busschbach, PhD

Measuring preferences for a diabetes Pay-for-Performance for Patient (P4P4P) program using a discrete choice experiment Tsung-Tai Chen; Tao-Hsin Tung; Ya-seng (Arthur) Hsueh; Ming-Han Tsai; Hsiu-Mei Liang; Kay-Lun Li ; Kuo-Piao Chung; Chao-Hsiun Tang

Cost-Effectiveness of Reduced Waiting Time for Head and Neck Cancer Patients due to a Lean Process Redesign Pascale Simons, Ph.D.; Bram Ramaekers, PhD.; Frank Hoebers, PhD.; Kenneth Kross, PhD.; Wim Marneffe, PhD.; Madelon Pijls-Johannesma, PhD.; Dominique Vandijck, PhD

Cost-effectiveness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation versus antidepressant therapy for treatment-resistant depression Kim-Huong Nguyen, PhD; Louisa G Gordon, BEc, MPH, PhD

Goal directed fluid therapy guided by cardiac monitoring during high-risk abdominal surgery in adult patients: cost-effectiveness analysis of oesophageal doppler and arterial pulse pressure waveform analysis. Guillaume Legrand, M.D.; Laura Ruscio, M.D.; Dan Benhamou, Ph.D.,M.D.; Nathalie Pelletier-Fleury, Ph.D.,M.D.

Linezolid versus vancomycin in the empiric treatment of nosocomial pneumonia: a cost-utility analysis incorporating results from the ZEPHyR trial Curtis D Collins, PharmD, MS; Ann K Schwemm, PharmD, MPH

Cost-effectiveness analysis of a television campaign to promote seasonal influenza vaccination among the elderly Minchul Kim, PhD; Byung-Kwang Yoo, M.D., Ph.D

Cost Effectiveness of a Non-Pharmacological Intervention in Pediatric Burn Care Nadia Jane Brown, Ba App Sci(Occupational Therapy); Michael David, M.Ed, MEpi, MSc, PhD; Leila Cuttle, BSc(Hons), PhD; Roy M Kimble, MD (Res), MBChB, FRCS, FRACS; Sylvia Rodger, B.Occ.Thy., M.Ed.St., PhD; Hideki Higashi, BA, MPH, MSc(HlthEcon), PhD


Quality of Life and Utility Measurement in a Large Clinical Trial Sample of Patients with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer's Disease: Determinants and Level of Changes Observed Loretto Lacey; Joel Bobula; Katja Rudell; Jose Alvir; Chris Leibman


An evaluation of health service impacts consequent to switching from brand to generic venlafaxine in New Zealand under conditions of price neutrality Charon Lessing

The social distribution of health: Estimating quality-adjusted life expectancy in England James Love-Koh, MSc; Miqdad Asaria, MSc; Richard Cookson, PhD; Susan Griffin, PhD

Can a joint assessment provide relevant information for national/local relative effectiveness assessments? An in-depth comparison of pazopanib assessments Sarah Kleijnen, MSc; Mohammed Fathallah, MSc; Michiel W van der Linden, MD PhD; Piet Vancraeynest, MD MSc Biostat; Angela Timoney, MSc MPH; Bachir Dahmani, PhD; Hubertus G Leufkens, PhD; Anthonius De Boer, PhD; Wim G Goettsch, PhD

Extending treatment networks in Health Technology Assessment: how far should we go? Deborah M Caldwell; Sofia Dias; Nicky J Welton


When Does FDAMA Section 114 Apply? Ten Case Studies Peter Neumann; Cayla J Saret


Initial Medication Adherence - Review and Recommendations for Good Practices for Outcomes Research: An ISPOR Medication Adherence and Persistence Special Interest Group Report David Hutchins; John E Zeber, MHA, PhD; Craig S Roberts, PharmD, MBA; Allison F Williams, RN, PhD; Elizabeth Manias, RN, BPharm, MPharm, PhD; Andrew M Peterson, PharmD, PhD

A Systematic Review on the Cost-effectiveness of Genetic and ECG Testing for Long QT Syndrome in Infants and Young Adults Fernando Matias Gonzalez, MSc, PhD; Maria Assunta Venezziano, MSc, PhD; Anna Puggina, MSc; Stefania Boccia, MSc, PhD

Investigating the generalizability of Economic Evaluations conducted in Italy: a critical review Matteo Ruggeri; Andrea Manca; Silvia Coretti, MSc, Ph.D.; Paola Codella; Valentina
Iacopino; Federica Romano; Valentina Orlando; Daniele Mascia; Americo Cicchetti

Economic Evaluations in the Diagnosis and Management of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review & Analysis of Quality Aziz S. Alali, MD; Kirsteen Burton, MD, MSc, MBA; Robert A Fowler, MDCM, MS; David M Naimark, MD, MSc; Damon C Scales, MD, PhD; Todd G Mainprize, MD; Avery B Nathens, MD, PhD, MPH


Rapid Testing in a VA Emergency Department Setting: Cost Analysis at Five Years Herschel Knapp, Ph.D., M.S.S.W.; Kee Chan, Ph.D

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