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Mission: To promote health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health globally.

Misión: La misión de ISPOR es de fomentar la eficiencia, la efectividad y la equidad en los cuidados de la salud, para mejorar la salud.


الرسالة : الارتقاء باقتصاديات الصحة و نواتج الأبحاث الي اعلى المعايير لتحسين آلية صناعة القرار في مجال الصحة على مستوى العالم .

使命:  推动卓越的卫生经济学和效果研究,从而增进全球对健康的决策力。
使命: 推動卓越的衛生經濟學和效果研究,從而增進全球對健康的決策力。

Миссия: Содействовать расширению передового опыта экономики здравохранения и оценок результатов исследрваний, чтобы улучшить процесс принятия решений в области здравохранения в мировом масштабе.

Missão: Para promover a excelência no campo de economia da saúde e pesquisa de desfechos para melhorar a tomada de decisão para a saúde ao nível mundial.

ISPOR Misja: Misją ISPOR jest zwiększenie skuteczności, efektywności i uczciwości opieki zdrowotnej w celu poprawy ochrony zdrowia.

Vision: ISPOR is the leading global scientific and educational organization for health economics and outcomes research and their use in decision making to improve health.

Strategy: The ISPOR strategic platform was developed by ISPOR's Strategic Planning Working Group. For more information on the background and process for development of the strategic platform, please see the "ISPOR Presidential Address" by Daniel C. Malone, RPh, PhD in the September/October 2015 issue of Value & Outcomes Spotlight.

President's Message

Strategic Focus Areas:

ISPOR Strategy

Scientific and Research Excellence:
ISPOR is committed to strengthening the integrity, advancement, understanding, and use of health economics and outcomes research among researchers, health technology developers and assessors, regulators, health economists, health care policy makers, payers, providers, patients, populations, and society.

  • Encourage the ongoing development and improvements in methods and tools in health economics and outcomes research and gain acceptance of their use in research and decision making.
  • Monitor developments in health technology and health policy to improve research methods and applications.
  • Leverage innovations in relevant disciplines and industries to strengthen health economics and outcomes research.
  • Produce journals, reports, publications, and meetings recognized for high quality scientific content and information on evolving trends.
  • Encourage access, appropriate use, and an understanding of opportunities and limitations of health care data to inform health care decisions.
  • Recognize scientific and research excellence.

Member Engagement:
Through its worldwide membership and stakeholder groups, ISPOR has access to the ideas, knowledge, skills, and
experiences that enable achievement of its mission. ISPOR offers membership benefits that are valued and essential
in members' professional growth.

  • Support global networks, special interest groups, task forces, chapters, and virtual communities that stimulate communications and collaboration among members.
  • Facilitate information sharing, collaboration, and consensus building to provide member professional development.
  • Provide opportunities for interaction and idea sharing among members and stakeholders.
  • Empower members to be effective communicators of health economics and outcomes research to diverse audiences.
  • Foster the development of future leaders through student networks, career opportunities, and educational offerings.
  • Recognize member contributions to ISPOR's mission.

Education and Training:
Knowledge and skill building are at the core of the ISPOR mission. ISPOR will lead efforts to strengthen and expand capabilities in health economics and outcomes research.

  • Lead the development of focused education and training programs in health economics and outcomes research.
  • Deliver high quality educational opportunities through meetings, programs, tools, and publications.

Communication and Collaboration:
ISPOR will be a valued and reliable resource for translating knowledge into practice for decision makers and stakeholders, who include members, providers, payers, patients, professional societies, foundations, health authorities, the media, and others.

  • Convene discussions that shape the future and drive consensus and knowledge building.
  • Engage stakeholders through summits, roundtables, meetings, social media, and other channels.
  • Develop collaborative networks to extend knowledge and advance science-based research and practices.
  • Facilitate the translation of health economics and outcomes research to promote understanding and use in decision making.

Organizational Values:
ISPOR embraces a core set of values that are at the center of every strategic focus area:

  • Promote the production and dissemination of high quality health economics and outcomes research to inform effective development and efficiency of health care.
  • Embrace consideration of patient, provider, and payer perspectives in research design and analysis.
  • Cultivate professional ethical standards.
  • Strengthen the Society through encouragement and acceptance of diverse ideas, cultures and disciplines.
  • Maintain transparency in association governance and financial practices.
  • Utilize the input of members and stakeholders to make informed decisions concerning organizational strategy and governance.
  • Ensure the Society's financial sustainability through fiscal responsibility.
  • Strive for excellence in everything that we do, and continuously seek innovative ways to improve our work.

Past ISPOR Strategic Platforms

Past ISPOR strategic platforms may be found here.


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