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ISPOR is proud to be celebrating
a 20-year history that is shaping the future
of health economics & outcomes research.


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ISPOR is the leading global professional society in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.

Founded in 1995 as an international multidisciplinary professional membership society, the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) advances the policy, science, and practice of pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research (the scientific discipline that evaluates the effect of health care interventions on patient well-being including clinical, economic, and patient-centered outcomes). 

With a 20-year commitment to education, collaboration, and leadership, ISPOR meetings, published resources, and facilitated discussions have evolved as the leading resources for health economics and outcomes research. Moreover, as an unbiased organization of 9,500 individual and student members from 114 countries, and over 8,700 affiliate members from our Regional Chapters, ISPOR members represent the entire field including research, academia, decision and policy makers, consultants, payers, patient representative groups, and others. ISPOR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public organization for educational and scientific purposes, as defined by the US IRS.


Message from the 2014-2015 ISPOR President, Adrian Towse, MA, MPhil

Message from the ISPOR CEO & Executive Director, Nancy S. Berg

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pdf document icon Download About ISPOR Brochure
Contact Information

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Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, USA
Tel: 1-609-586-4981 • Toll Free: 1-800-992-0643
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Member Engagement

ISPOR Membership

Through collaboration, global networking, and education activities, ISPOR members gain knowledge and a competitive advantage.

ISPOR Member Benefits, include access to high quality peer-reviewed research, good practice guidelines, and new tools and resources in multiple languages; opportunities to hear, discuss, and present research in highly influential publications and events; global networking and the opportunity to contribute to strategic discussions with payers, governments, policy bodies, and leading experts in the field; and education programs including: short courses, distance learning, webinars, and continuing education accreditation.

Dialogue with Decision Makers

ISPOR's Roundtables provide an unbiased forum for key decision-making stakeholders from around the world to learn from each other to advance the science of pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research. ISPOR's global, regional, and local Councils and boards act as advisory bodies to the Society and provide direction on key scientific and health policy research issues in health economics and outcomes research.

ISPOR Roundtables


ISPOR Councils

Global Networking

ISPOR Regional Initiatives Groups

ISPOR Regional Initiatives Groups (Consortia, Networks, and Chapters) work on the orderly development of the discipline of health economics and outcomes research at a local and / or regional level. ISPOR Regional Initiatives Groups co-organize the ISPOR regional conferences and support the following: the development of Value in Health Regional Issues and other publications (such as regional newsletters); regional research and policy articles; translation of selected ISPOR products into local languages; and the development of regional research, utilization of research, and educational programs.


ISPOR Scientific & Health Policy Groups

ISPOR Scientific & Health Policy Groups are comprised of experts that represent different stakeholders and work environments. They develop knowledge products to advance the use of health economics and outcomes research in decision making as well as valuable tools for researchers, decision makers, patients, and the public, as well as manuscripts for publication in ISPOR’s scientific journals and newsletters.


ISPOR Meetings

ISPOR Meetings are a forum for discussion and dissemination of information surrounding the science of health economics and outcomes research.  The goal of the meetings is to bring together experts in the field to share innovative research methods and health policy developments and to provide an opportunity to learn from each other to advance the science.

ISPOR provides three scientific meetings each year: (two annual meetings in North America and Europe, and one biennial conference in Latin America or Asia-Pacific):

ISPOR 5th Latin America Conference ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress ISPOR 21st Annual International Meeting ISPOR 7th Biennial Asia-Pacific Conference
ISPOR 19th Annual
European Congress

October 29-November 2, 2016
Vienna, Austria
ISPOR 22nd Annual
International Meeting

May 20-24, 2017
Boston, MA, USA
ISPOR 6th Latin America

September 2017
São Paulo, Brazil
ISPOR 8th Asia-Pacific
September 2018
Tokyo, Japan

Education and Information Sharing

ISPOR Education Programs

ISPOR is committed to providing education for new and experienced professionals in the field. As such, ISPOR offers the following educational programs to its members:

ISPOR Short Course Program
Educational Webinar Series


ISPOR Distance Learning Program (iDLP)
ISPOR Educational Directory


ISPOR Publications

ISPOR provides access to high quality peer-reviewed expert research and good practice guidelines in multiple languages, as well as opportunities to present research in highly influential publications.

Value in Health
Value in Health Regional Issues
Value and Outcomes Spotlight


News Across Asia
News Across Latin America
News Across CEE
Student News
ISPOR e-Bulletin


ISPOR Outcomes Research Books:
ISPOR Taxonomy of Patient Registries: Classification, Characteristics and Terms
Therapeutic and Diagnostic Device Outcomes Research
Reliability and Validity of Data Sources for Outcomes Research & Disease and Health Management Programs
Health Care Cost, Quality and Outcomes: ISPOR Book of Terms


ISPOR Student Network

ISPOR is developing and building the future workforce for the multiple disciplines of pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research through its ISPOR Student Chapters and access to the ISPOR Career Center.



As the preeminent resource for health economics and outcomes research, ISPOR provides tools for health care researchers and decision makers to promote the understanding and appropriate use of health care data to inform decisions.

ISPOR Good Practices for Outcomes Research Reports
ISPOR Scientific Presentations Database


Assessing the Evidence for Health Care Decision Makers
Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines Around the World


ISPOR Global Health Care Systems Road Maps
ISPOR Guidelines Index for Outcomes Research

ISPOR's core operations are funded by membership fees, meeting registration fees, and event sponsorship. Meeting content, including contributed issue panels, workshops, research, and plenary sessions are determined by independent evaluators selected from the diverse membership of the Society.

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