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International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

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The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) promotes the science of pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research (the scientific discipline that evaluates the effect of health care interventions on patient well-being including clinical, economic, and patient-centered outcomes) and facilitates the translation of this research into useful information for health care decision makers to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of health care to improve health. Founded in 1995, ISPOR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public organization for educational and scientific purposes, as defined by the US IRS, and a non-profit research organization under the European Commission 7th Framework Programme.

ISPOR has over 8700 members from 115 countries. In addition, the 73 ISPOR Regional Chapters have more than 7600 members, extending ISPOR's outreach to over 16,300 members worldwide. ISPOR members are from North America (39%), Europe (41%), Asia (13%), Latin America (4%), and from Africa and Oceania (3%). ISPOR has two regional consortia: ISPOR Asia Consortium, ISPOR Latin America Consortium, and three regional networks: ISPOR Arabic Network, ISPOR Africa Network, and ISPOR Central and Eastern Europe Network, as well as 67 Student Chapters worldwide. ISPOR members come from different work environments: 48% researchers, 12% decision makers, and 40% from the health technology assessment industries.

ISPOR provides opportunities for education on good outcomes research practices as well as health policy issues through its Short Course Program (a series of 4- and 8-hour live training sessions presented in conjunction with ISPOR meetings), Distance Learning Program (an online pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research training program available in seven languages at the ISPOR website), Educational Webinars on Good Practices for Outcomes Research, and Educational Videos series. 

ISPOR publishes three journals: Value in Health (a peer-reviewed scientific journal), Value in Health Regional Issues (a peer-reviewed scientific journal focusing on health policy and research study populations in Asia, Latin America, Central / Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Africa) and, Value & Outcomes Spotlight (a technical & news journal). In addition, ISPOR publishes five electronic newsletters: ISPOR eBulletin, News Across Asia, News Across Latin America, News Across Central & Eastern Europe, and the ISPOR Student Newsletter.

ISPOR has published four books: Health Care Cost, Quality, And Outcomes: ISPOR Book of Terms (in 12 languages), Therapeutic and Diagnostic Device Outcomes Research, Reliability and Validity of Data Sources for Outcomes Research & Disease and Health Management Programs, and ISPOR Taxonomy of Patient Registries: Classification, Characteristics and Terms.

ISPOR convenes three meetings each year: one in North America (spring), one in Europe (fall), and alternating years in Latin America or Asia-Pacific (September) with attendance at ~3000, ~4000 and ~900, respectively. ISPOR Meetings feature over 3300 presentations, collectively, each year. These presentations are available through the ISPOR Scientific Presentations Database.

Tools for Researchers and Health Care Decision Makers
Through Task Forces and Special Interest Groups, ISPOR develops Good Practices for Outcomes Research (including the use of outcomes research in health care decision making). All 48 expert consensus good practice reports and articles are freely available on the ISPOR website. These reports have been downloaded more than 160,000 times in the past 12 months.

Additional Tools:

All tools are publicly available on the ISPOR website.

ISPOR's core operations are funded by membership fees, meeting registration fees, and event sponsorship. Meeting content, including contributed issue panels, workshops, research, and plenary sessions are determined by independent evaluators selected from the diverse membership of the Society.

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